SOAP API v4Sunset

Last modified on September 11, 2023 at 5:33 pm


DigitalChalk provides a SOAP based Web Services API to access course and student registration data. The SOAP API will allow you to create users and register users into courses from your own systems.


Each request submitted to the DigitalChalk API service will need to be accompanied with authorization information.


accessKeyYour access key given to you by DigitalChalk. This identifies your API Service account to the DigitalChalk system.
timestampThe time of the request, given in the format yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss’Z’ in GMT. This time must be within 15 minutes of our server’s time to be a valid request.

Example: 2008-09-26T14:52:02Z

signatureThe RFC 2104 HMAC-SHA1 digest (go to of the concatenation of serviceName + operationName + timestamp, using your Secret Access Key as the key. The HMAC-SHA1 should be generated from the bytes of the secret key. This signature must then be BASE64 encoded.

Pre-Encoded Example: v4doesUserExist2008-09-26T14:52:02Z


doesUserExist This service simply checks to see whether or not a user with the given username exists in the DigitalChalk system.
createUser This service creates a user in the DigitalChalk system within your organization.
registerUser This service registers an existing user into an offering on the DigitalChalk system.
createAndRegisterUser This service creates a new user with your organization in the DigitalChalk system and registers that new user into the given course.
getAvailableOfferings This services returns all offerings that are currently available for registration within your organization.
getAvailableOfferingsForStudent This service returns all offerings that are currently available for registration for the given student.
getCurrentStudentRegistrations This service returns all offerings in which the given student is currently registered.
getCompletedStudentRegistrations This service returns all completed student registrations for the given student.
deleteUser This service deletes the given student.


If there is a problem with one of the request elements a Soap fault will be returned. The fault string will contain information about the reason for the fault.


Example: PHP Examples of API use in PHP.
Example: Java Example of API in Java code.