Error CodesBeta

Last modified on August 24, 2023 at 6:40 pm

Many of these error codes are based upon HTTP status codes to help with predictability and familiarity.

1xx codes Informational

100ContinueThe request was valid, and another related request is expected.
101Switching ProtocolsThe request was valid, but can only be served via another protocol. (eg. HTTPS)
102InformationalMessage provides information. Experimental/debug only.

2xx codes Success Codes

200SuccessThe request was successful.
201CreatedAn object was created successfully. (such as a User)
202AcceptedAn object was successfully submitted for processing, but the server doesn’t have information about the status of the request at the moment. (for example, sending of an email)
204No ContentThe request was successful, but the server has no data to return.
206Partial Content FollowsThe request was valid, and part of the response is being returned. Expect more.

3xx codes Redirection

301MovedThe service URI you have requested has moved permanently. Message contains new location.
303See OtherThe service URI is valid, but use the new location for this request only.
304Not ModifiedThe result of the request has been served from cache.
307Moved TemporarilyPlease use the new location for this request only.

4xx codes Client Errors

400Bad RequestThe request was malformed and the server could not determine what you were trying to do.
401UnauthorizedYou are not authorized for the operation you requested. Please authorize and try again.
404Not FoundThe service you requested was not found. Retries will not be successful.
405Method Not AllowedThe method you used to request is not supported, but others are. See message for valid methods (e.g. POST vs GET)
408Request TimeoutYour request timed out during processing. Please wait, then try again later.
409ConflictThe server understood the request, but could not fulfill it due to some resource conflict (e.g. tow people modifying a file). Try again later.
410GonePreviously, there was a service here, but there is not one any longer. No forwarding information is available.
412Precondition FailedSome pre-required data for the request was not fulfilled. See message for details.
415Unsupported Media Type 
430Bad CredentialsThe credentials given were not valid.
431Authentication Scheme Not SupportedThe authentication method you are attempting is not supported by your organization.
432Protocol Not AllowedYour authentication must be made over a secure channel (e.g. HTTPS).
433Host Not AllowedYou cannot authenticate from your current host using the current method.
434Service ErrorYour account is missing information required for authentication (e.g. the shared secret). See message for details.
435Timestamp ExpiredThe timestamp sent with your authentication request is expired or has been previously used.
436Unparseable HashThe server could not read the value of the hash parameter that you sent with the request.
437Unexpected Hash ValueThe value of the hash parameter you sent does not match what the server was expecting.
438User Not FoundCould not authenticate the user you requested because they could not be found.
439User Not CreatedAlthough the server was expecting to create a user, it could not due to missing information. See message details.
440Bad Authentication ConfigurationThe configuration setup for this organization is not valid on the server side (e.g. host pattern is invalid)

5xx codes Server Errors

500Internal Server ErrorAn unexpected error occurred on the server.
501Not ImplementedThe server knows about the service, but not how to fulfill it.
503Service UnavailableThe server is currently unavailable. Try again later.
504Server TimeoutThe server timed out while talking to an internal resource (such as a database). Try again later.

6xx codes Model Errors

600Missing DataSoem piece of required data was missing from the request, but the server cannot determine what it is.
601Missing Data X“X” was missing from the request. See message for what X is.

7xx codes Organization / Limit Errors

700Not Supported for OrganizationThe request was valid, but not supported for your organization.
701Limit ExceededThe resource you requested could not be allocated due to limits of your organization (e.g. too many course admins or media file too big).

8xx codes Format Errors

800Bad Format XThe format of X is not valid. See message for what X is.
801Must Be Numeric XThe format of X must be numeric.
802Invalid Date XThe format of X must be a valid date. If a range is required, it is described in the message.
803Field Too Long XThe length of X is too long. See message for valid lengths.
804Field Too Short XThe length of X is too short. See message for valid lengths.
805May not be empty XField X may not be empty.

9xx codes Session Errors

901Session Timed Out