Resource URL{userId}/userfieldvalues


Userfield values are user-specific data entered into data fields which have been defined by your organization. Information about these data fields, such as the prompt, data type, category and public/private status, and constraints can be found by making the appropriate request to a userfields resource.

When a request is made for a userfield value for a user, the response is a single object representing all available data as key-value pairs. Each key is an id corresponding to the id of the userfield; the value is the user-specific data for that field. Only fields with a value set will be included. Even if a field is marked as required, the field will not appear in the response if the user has not yet provided a value (users are forced to fill in required userfields on their next login). That is, the value component of a key-value pair will never be null.

Field datatypes

Field type JSON Data Type
String string
Integer number
Float number
Date string
Email string
Dropdown string
Radio buttons string
Checkbox boolean (true indicates checked; false or null indicate unchecked)
Checkboxes array of strings
True/false boolean
Yes/no string (the string value will be one of yes or no)

Use Case Examples

GET requests

Operation Call Description
Retrieve All Userfield Values GET /dc/api/v5/users/{id}/userfieldvalues Retrieve all userfield values for the user with the given id.

PUT requests

Operation Call Description
Set a Userfield Value PUT /dc/api/v5/users/{id}/userfieldvalues Assign a userfield value on a user.
Clear a Userfield Value PUT /dc/api/v5/users/{id}/userfieldvalues Remove a userfield value from a user.