The offering_completed event is fired when a user completes for a course offering.


Name Context
Offering Completed Zapier Trigger Name
offering_completed DigitalChalk Internal
dc_offering_completed Zapier Trigger Key


    "event" : "offering_completed",
    "date" : "2015-12-18T21:27:12Z",
    "source" : "SELF",
    "user" : {
        "id" : "1c4d8e666ead4110979300efbad8fde1",
        "firstName" : "Poe",
        "lastName" : "Dameron",
        "username" : "poe.dameron@spaceforce.lor",
        "email" : "poe.dameron@spaceforce.lor",
        "locale" : "en"
    "registration" : {
        "id" : "b06f16aaa17c421185adbd4c5c6c808e",
        "beginDate" : "2015-12-18T21:27:12Z",
        "endDate" : "2015-12-25T21:27:12Z",
        "grade" : 79.0,
        "passed" : false
    "offering" : {
        "id" : "c2da446631154d7c8b5f38fd1b47f958",
        "title" : "Leadership in battle - 10 lessons from the heros of Leia Organa"
  • event – always “offering_registered” for this type of event
  • date – the datetime that the event was generated
  • source – SELF if a user generated this event, or ADMIN if an admin generated this event
  • user – the user that was registered
  • user.id – the DigitalChalk internal user id
  • user.firstName – the user’s first name
  • user.lastName – the user’s last name
  • user.username – the user’s username
  • user.email – the user’s email address
  • user.locale – the locale for the user
  • registration – the student registration record for the user
  • registration.id – the DigitalChalk internal student registration id
  • registration.beginDate – the date the student started the offering
  • registration.endDate – the data the student completed the offering
  • registration.grade – the grade achieved by the student in this offering
  • registration.passed – true if the student passed the offering according to the rules setup inside DigitalChalk, false otherwise
  • offering – the offering that the student registered for
  • offering.id – the DigitalChalk internal offering id
  • offering.title – the title of the registered offering


Filters can be applied to events / triggers so that only certain events are fired when they match the filters.  Filters can be set up inside the Zapier UI for the trigger.

Filter Name Zapier UI Label Description
user.email.endswith  Email ends with Filters events to only those where the user’s email ends with the value given.  Useful to range off new users by domain (e.g. “@mycompany.com”)
offering.title.equals Offering Title Equals Filters events to only those where the offering title is exactly equal to the value given
Registration Passed Equals
Value must be true or false. Filters events to only those where the offering was passed (true) or failed (false).
Registration Grade Less Than
Registration grade must be less than the value given.
registration.grade.greaterthan   Registration Grade Greater Than Registration grade must be greater than the value given.
registration.grade.equals   Registration Grade Equals Registration grade must be exactly the value given.