User Created Event Webhook Example

The following is an example of a JSON representation of an User Created event. This illustrates how this event will be represented in the callback to your server.

  "event" : "user_created",
  "date" : "2014-04-09T03:11:17Z",
  "source" : "SELF",
  "user" : {
    "id" : "7d2b9881b9a14c4ca61eaae51c84f410",
    "firstName" : "Ginny",
    "lastName" : "Kneeland",
    "username" : "",
    "email" : "",
    "password" : "235gas43^",
    "locale" : "en"

Property Details

Property JSON Data Type Description
event string This is the event type that is being sent to this callback. If you are using the same callback URL for all events, you can use this to segement them within your application.
date string The date and time when this event occurred. For more information on the format, see the Date/Time Format documentation.
source string The source indicates how this user was created. If the user created their own profile within your organization then it will be SELF. In the case that an administrator created the user, the source will appear as ADMIN.
user object The user that was created. object The id of the user. This uniquely identifies the user and can be used to query our API for more information about the user.
user.firstName string The first name of the user.
user.lastName string The last name of the user. string The email address of the user.
user.username string This is the username for this user. If an organization uses username instead of email for login, this can be different than the email address.
user.password string This is the password for this user.
user.locale string This is the locale preference set on the user’s account