This guide shows you how to create a login application on LinkedIn that allows students to log in to DigitalChalk with their LinkedIn account.

Create a LinkedIn Application

  1. Go to http://developer.linkedin.com and log in with your normal LinkedIn account.
  2. The LinkedIn Developer page is displayed. Your name is displayed showing that you are logged in.

  1. Click on your name and choose API Keys from the drop down list.
  2. The LinkedIn Developer Dashboard is displayed.

  1. Click Add New Application.
  2. The Add New Application page is displayed.

  1. Select your company from the Company drop down list. If your company name isn’t on the list, select New Company, and enter your company name in the Company Name field.
  2. Enter an Application Name. The Application Name is displayed on the page the students see when they first log in to DigitalChalk using LinkedIn.
  3. Enter a description for your application in the Description field. The description is displayed on the page the students see when they first log in to DigitalChalk using LinkedIn.
  4. Enter the URL of your primary web site (not your DigitalChalk website) in the Website URL field. The Website URL field is displayed as a link on the page the students see when they first log in to DigitalChalk using LinkedIn.
  5. Select Other from the Application Use drop-down list.
  6. Select Development from the Live Status drop-down list.
  7. Enter a contact email in the Developer Contact Email field.
  8. Enter a phone number in the Phone field.
  9. In the OAuth User Agreement section, check r_basicprofile and r_emailaddress for Default Scope, and enter the following URL for OAuth 2.0 Redirect URLs: https://[myvirtualhost].digitalchalk.com/dc/signin/linkedin
  10. Replace [myvirtualhost] with your DigitalChalk virtual host (for example, https://wayne.digitalchalk.com/dc/signin/linkedin)
  11. Enter the URL to your company logo in the App Logo Secure URL field. The logo URL must be HTTPS secure. Entering a URL for your company logo is optional, but it is displayed on the page the students see when they first log in to DigitalChalk using LinkedIn.
  12. Check the Agree, I have read and agree to the LinkedIn API Terms of Use box.
  13. Click the Add Application button.
  14. A page is displayed telling you your application was added to LinkedIn.

  1. Click the Done button.
  2. The LinkedIn Developer Dashboard is displayed again. The application you added is displayed on the List of Applications.

  1. Click on the name of your new application.
  2. The Edit Application page is displayed.

You don’t need to enter any information here, but be sure to note the values of the Consumer Key / API Key field and the Consumer Secret / Secret Key field, as you will need them when you return to DigitalChalk to complete the setup of your LinkedIn application.

Configuring DigitalChalk to Use Your LinkedIn Application

In DigitalChalk, do the following:

  1. Click the Administration tab, then click My Organization from the System Management list.
  2. The Edit Organization Details page is displayed with a task list.
  3. Select Social Apps from the task list.

  1. The Social Applications page is displayed.
  2. Click on the LinkedIn logo.

  1. The Edit Social Application page for LinkedIn is displayed.

  1. Enter the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from the LinkedIn Edit Application page.
  2. Select Yes for “Would you like to activate this social app for login?”.  (For descriptions of other settings shown here, see Configuring Social Sites for Your Organization.)
  3. Click the Save button when you finish entering information for your LinkedIn application.
You have completed creating a LinkedIn login for your DigitalChalk organization.  Your students can now log in to DigitalChalk using their LinkedIn account. If you have any questions, please contact DigitalChalk support for assistance.

How Your DigitalChalk LinkedIn Login Looks to a Student

When students first log in to your DigitalChalk site with LinkedIn, they must approve the application through LinkedIn. The page shown here is a sample of what students see the first time they log into DigitalChalk from LinkedIn. The red boxes show how your settings are displayed on the LinkedIn approval page.