Last modified on August 22, 2023 at 7:58 pm

Resource URL


Users are the records of login accounts (including student accounts as well as course administrator and organization administrator accounts) in the system which belong to your organization. This resource allows you to programmatically create new accounts, update properties and change passwords on existing accounts, and search and retrieve basic user account information.

For information on accessing your organization’s custom userfield values associated with a user based on the User Fields you have defined, please see the documentation for Userfield Values.

You can get details of the JSON representation of users by checking the User Object Reference.

Resource At a Glance

At a high level, the following basic operation types for this resource are supported:

  • GET — retrieve information about a user or many users
  • POST — create a new user; requires JSON-formatted user information object. See use case example below.
  • PUT — update properties or reset password for existing users. Partial object updates are supported.
  • DELETE — remove a user account from the system.

Use Case Examples

GET Requests

Retrieve all usersGET /dc/api/v5/usersRetrieve a list of all your organization’s users and their basic user information.
Retrieve a specific user by idGET /dc/api/v5/users/{id}Retrieve all data for a specific user.
Search for users by email addressGET /dc/api/v5/users?email={emailAddress}Use the resource list filtering functionality to retrieve a list of the users with the given email address

POST Requests

Create a new userPOST /dc/api/v5/usersCreate a new user login account in your organization

PUT Requests

Update basic user informationPUT /dc/api/v5/users/{id}Modify basic user attributes like First Name, Last Name, and Tags
Change user email addressPUT /dc/api/v5/users/{id}Update the email address the user uses to login to the system, as well as where the user’s notifications are sent
Reset user passwordPUT /dc/api/v5/users/{id}Change the password used by the user when logging in

DELETE Requests

Remove a userDELETE /dc/api/v5/users/{id}Delete a user from your organization