Offering Category Object ReferencePrivate Alpha

Last modified on August 24, 2023 at 6:43 pm

Example Offering Category Object

Below is an example of a JSON representation of an Offering Category object. This illustrates how offering categories are represented in server responses.

  "id": "92ae87ffb265091feda99098601deea0",
  "name": "Introductory Accounting Courses",
  "description": "Our set of courses designed to get you started in accounting.",
  "color": "#0088ff",
  "orderIndex": 0

Property Details

PropertyJSON Data TypeDescription
idstringThe offering category’s unique identifier value. An offering category’s URL in the API is composed of /dc/api/v5/offeringcategories/ followed by this identifier.
namestringThe name of the offering category.
descriptionstringA description for the offering category.
colorstringThe color for the offering category. This should be an HTML-style RGB hex color code, e.g. #ff0000 would represent full red.
orderIndexnumberControls the positioning of this offering category. This first position is at index 0.