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The agreements resource provides read-only access to the end-user license agreements (EULAs) you have defined for your organization (if any). Using this resource, you can see what agreements will be required for new users when they create a new account. This could be the standard DigitalChalk agreement if you have not changed your EULA configuration; a custom agreement specific to your organization; both, or neither.

Intead of being identified by an id property, agreements are defined by their type. There are two possible types: standard, the DigitalChalk-defined agreement by which every DigitalChalk user is bound; and custom, which indicates a custom agreement your organization has defined to present to users. You can retrieve the full list of agreements by issuing a GET request to /dc/api/v5/agreements, or you can retrieve the properties of a specific agreement by appending the type to the end of the path, e.g. /dc/api/v5/agreements/standard.

The required property indicates whether the agreement will be displayed to users. A value of false means it will not be displayed; true means users must agree before they can proceed. A standard agreement may not be required if an administrator in your organization agrees on behalf of end-users which can be done via the DigitalChalk web application.

Note that an alternative is the useragreements resource which lists the agreements required for a specific user, their agreement status, and allows you to manually agree on behalf of a specific user for a given agreement.

Use Case Examples

GET Requests

Retrieve all agreement dataGET /dc/api/v5/agreementsRetrieve all agreements defined for your organization
Retrieve data for a specific agreementGET /dc/api/v5/agreements/{type}Retrieve a specific agreement by specifying an agreement type in the URL