Connecting your Zoom account to DigitalChalk is easy.

After you setup your Zoom integration, you’ll be able to schedule face-to-face Zoom meetings from within your DigitalChalk courses.

You must already be a DigitalChalk customer and this documentation assumes that you have completed JumpStart training and are familiar with creating courses and registering students into DigitalChalk courses.



Create a Zoom meeting element
Create an Offering for the Course Catalog
Updating a Zoom meeting element

Updating the time or date of a (future) Zoom meeting in DigitalChalk will automatically update the meeting time within Zoom also, and send updated invites via Zoom.

Delete a Zoom meeting element

To delete a Zoom meeting element, simply delete the course element in DigitalChalk. This will automatically delete the meeting in Zoom.

Record meeting attendance


To disconnect the Zoom integration from within DigitalChalk
  1. Login to DigitalChalk and navigate to your Account page.
  2. Click Connected Accounts.
  3. Click the red ‘X‘ beside the Zoom meeting integration.
  4. Confirm, and this will disconnect your DigitalChalk integration with Zoom.
To uninstall the DigitalChalk integration from within Zoom


If you have any questions about Zoom integration with DigitalChalk, please contact Support.